Syed Hamza Ghazanfar

.Net Core Full Stack Developer

About Cloudflare


When your traffic is proxied through Cloudflare before reaching your origin server, your application gets additional security, performance, and reliability benefits.


Beyond hiding your origins IP address from potential attackers, Cloudflare also stops malicious traffic before it reaches your origin web server. Cloudflare automatically mitigates security risks using our WAF and DDoS protection . For additional details on security, refer to our guide on how to Secure your website .


For proxied traffic, Cloudflare also serves as a Content Delivery Network (CDN)Open external link , caching static resources and otherwise optimizing asset delivery. For additional details on performance, refer to our guides on Optimizing Site Speed and Caching .


Cloudflares globally distributed Anycast networkOpen external link routes visitor requests to the nearest Cloudflare data center. Combined together with our CDNOpen external link and DDoS protectionOpen external link , our network helps keep your application online.